Bedside2Mogul Accountability Group

Join a community of like-minded Nurse Entrepreneurs!

The Bedside2Mogul Accountability Group is an elite Facebook group created as a safe space for bold nursing professionals who want more. If you are ready to challenge yourself to reach your next level of success, this is the group for you! Be inspired to dream bigger. 

I'm Brandi London, entrepreneur & Business Mentor. I created this accountability group to facilitate positive relationships for nurses who are like me - grinding it, day in and day out, for their careers, businesses and families. This group is for the accomplished nurse ready to take her skills & talents to new heights. You'll be inspired by other women on the same journey, and will gain access to my valuable content & webinars.

Again, this group was created as a SAFE space for elite nursing professionals. We welcome you with just a few ground rules...

Respect your fellow Mogul-In-Grind

Please refrain from use of profanity, harsh language and spamming. Also, keep in mind that elite women come from all walks of life. Refrain from attacking personal beliefs of others.

Leave self-promotion to a minimum

'Rep' Your Brand' Mondays are the perfect (and only time) to promote your businesses, promotions & offers.

Avoid the sidelines

This group is not about 'people watching.' To gain the most from such a powerful opportunity, I encourage you to participate through engagement in mind-shifing dialogue. 

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